What Has Support Raising Looked Like For You? || Alysson

Once I was accepted onto the HBSM 2018 team, I was pumped to begin the Ministry Partner Development (MPD) and Support Raising process. I knew these were the next practical steps to take to make this summer a reality for me. I started listing out names and people I wanted to ask to support me, writing down anyone who would come to mind as a potential supporter. Family, friends from home, friends at college, my church at college and Cru community, people I volunteered with from my church at home, past youth group leaders, my dentist, past teachers and professors I had. I contacted most of my friends and family via email by attaching my support letter electronically. I printed and mailed out letters to some family and church members whom I knew would appreciate a mailed copy the most. I prayed over my letters as I sent them out, asking God to work in their hearts and get the letters delivered to them in His right timing. The beginning of the process was a little bit intimidating, but I was confident that God would provide. I received several positive responses and eager supporters. Whether people supported me financially and/or through prayers, I was overjoyed every time I received a notification that I had gained another ministry partner. No matter how big or small people contributed, I was so grateful and appreciative of their support. 

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"I prayed over my letters as I sent them out, asking God to work in their hearts and get the letters delivered to them in His right timing."

One response I received was from a past high school teacher who I did not even have for class, but knew she was the Fellowship of Christian Athletes sponsor at my school. She replied saying that she had gone on a similar mission trip with Athletes in Action, a ministry within Cru, and how life changing it was for her, so she wanted to support me on my trip. God was showing me not to rule out potential supporters because I thought they would not support me or because I had not been in contact with them recently. I had to be bold, send the letter, plant the seed, and allow God to work. Throughout support raising, my friend, who was also support raising for her Summer Mission at Jersey Shore, and I would also pray aloud together throughout the week to not only support and encourage each other, but to lift any worries we had up to God. After 2 months of emailing and follow up, with days before leaving to come to Hampton Beach, I was in awe and amazed that through others’ support and God’s power, I was not only fully funded, but over-supported. God provided for me abundantly and I was excited to give some of my extra funds toward other students who were still raising support.