How Has It Been in Your Mission Field at Work? || Lexi

Evangelism has never been on the forefront of my brain until I got to Hampton Beach. Now, it’s all that I can think about. Sometimes it can be scary to take a leap of faith in conversation to make it spiritual, but it’s even scarier when you’re a 20-year-old girl surrounded by middle-aged men with hard hearts towards Jesus Christ.

After 5 weeks of working the grill at McDonald’s, I’ve formed a unique relationship with these men that I call my coworkers. I would walk in with a bright smiling face and probe them with questions that I knew came from Jesus, not me. One of my coworkers was hesitant to answer my questions, but he began to ask me many. At this point, it was made clear that I was a Christian.

Lexi Candid.jpg

"I felt like God just handed me a conversation and I had to run with it."

One of his questions sparked this conversation:

           Him: Do you always read the Bible?
           Me: Well, I mean, I’m not reading it right now. But I read it daily, yes. 
           Him: Oh well I’ve never read it.
           Me: You should! Every time I read it, it makes my soul feel better.

I was shocked. I felt like God just handed me a conversation and I had to run with it. I explained what the Bible contains and agreed to bring him one. A couple of days later, I brought him a bible and he said he was going to read through it all! Because I was open and vulnerable with him, he was willing to be vulnerable with me. It was cool to see an unexpected friendship form based on getting to know each other at work.