What Brought You to HBSM 2018? || Dylan

I first heard about Cru’s Summer Missions during Fall Retreat. I felt that God was putting international students on my heart, more specifically, those in the Middle Eastern area of the world. I decided that I wanted to go overseas, and I was excited about the challenge that I thought was laid in front of me. However, God had different plans. I was discouraged to hear that the international team leaders highly suggested that I gain experience before I could be trusted with such a daunting task internationally. My heart was set on the Middle East because I really wanted to share the gospel with people who I thought didn’t have the chance otherwise. So, I wasn’t quite sure where I was being led to next. Through my staff members on campus, I was encouraged to consider applying for  Hampton Beach Summer Mission. I didn’t realize that Hampton Beach and the New England region, in general, is one of the least churched areas in the U.S. I soon learned that there were places so close to home that were surrounded in darkness, not just places overseas. I jumped on the opportunity to apply. God has reaffirmed that He wanted me here this summer and will bring me overseas sometime in the future.