What's the mission?

Our mission is to make Christ known to all peoples in many ways. Hampton Beach sits in a spiritually dark corner of America and draws thousands of guests from literally every corner of the world. In any given day, you could meet someone who's never heard the name of Jesus, or who is curious about God and wants to know more. And each day could be different from the next! That's why we focus our ministry in relationships and God's word. We want to show the love of Christ and give people opportunities to explore the truth of the Gospel. Because there is such a variety of people, cultures, and personalities, we use a variety of outreaches such as community dinners, picture surveys, volleyball tournaments, prayer walks, conversation starters, online resources, and many more.

Will I be trained?

The first week of mission is devoted solely to your ministry training. You will develop skills in conversation, asking good questions, sharing your story, transitioning topics, answering tough questions, knowing how to answer someone who's argumentative, engaging someone who's apathetic, and being respectful of differing backgrounds and cultures. You'll be trained in how to study the Bible and how to share scriptures accurately and effectively. You'll receive guidance in your own walk of faith and surrender to the Lord. You'll learn how to resolve conflict and devote yourself to prayer. And that's just in the first week!

After that week, you'll continue to receive personal discipleship from a trained Cru staff member. This is a highlight for students. Your discipler will walk beside you in life, help you process truths with the Lord, give you guidance in your new endeavors, and leave you with an action and prayer plan for the future. 

The training, discipleship, and love you receive while on mission will set you up for a lifetime of ministry and walking with Jesus if you let it!

Where do the students stay for the summer?

All the students live in a large New England style Guest House located at 20 G Street. It is in the center of Hampton Beach, one block from the beach itself. The men and women live on separate floors. The house is newly restored and furnished. There are 3 full functioning kitchens with cooking utensils provided. Bedrooms have new floors and new mattresses with protective coverings. The owners, local church members and mission supporters, have a heart for you. They pray for you regularly and this house is a labor of love for the Lord's glory. It is a true gift! See the cover photo of this website for an exterior view.

Your home sweet home for the summer = the newly renovated beach house just steps from the beach!

Your home sweet home for the summer = the newly renovated beach house just steps from the beach!

Who are the leaders?

There’s a team of directors who bring their families each summer = Karl & Keri Armentrout and Tommy & Karen Waters. Both the Armentrouts and the Waters have served in full-time college ministry with decades of experience between them. They provide a safe and smart environment that can make first timers (and their parents) feel at ease. They care for Summer Mission students like they are their own, adopting them in heart immediately, and they pray for them throughout the years. They welcome any questions you or a parent may have. Feel free to message them (info on the About page of this site). In addition to our directors, there’s a team of Cru staff who will be serving you for the summer. They provide one-on-one discipleship, ministry training, but most of all their friendship as they pour into you and you live life alongside each other.

How does transportation work / how do students get around?

Parking is limited at 20 G St. but cars are needed to travel to various job sites and churches in the area. You may want to take that into consideration when deciding whether to drive or fly.  If you can carpool with others that would be great too. Students/passengers who ride with drivers to work, church, etc. generally tip their drivers for gas, about $1 for each local trip.

Do I Earn Money?

All participants of HBSM will work in the community. This is one of the joys of mission because local businesses have come to expect great things from HBSM workers. They eagerly reserve summer positions just for our mission members, so most jobs are ready and waiting for you when you arrive! HBSM team members have the freedom to look for other employment as well if they don't desire a job that is already available. Earnings start at minimum wage, but many pay more. You will work 5 days a week which allows you to earn quite a bit of cash, but more importantly, these jobs allow us to sow seeds of God's love throughout the community as you work alongside people who've likely never had a Christian friend and will be the face of Christ to the thousands of tourists who visit Hampton Beach each summer!

Do you go to church while on mission?

Local churches are a big part of the HBSM experience. We have amazing local church partnerships with some of the most hospitable and kind people you'll ever meet! They eagerly anticipate our arrival each summer, and welcome us not only on Sundays, but also in community. Church families "adopt" HBSM students for the summer and welcome them into their homes on weekends. Home cooked meals and fresh laundry are just some of the many blessings that students experience through their church host families. We collaborate with the local churches in our outreach events and really view all our ministry as Kingdom work within the larger body of Christ.

What’s the schedule like for the summer?

The summer will be rewarding, exciting, fun, and full! Ministry activities are at night and on weekends and will include small group Bible studies, weekly meetings, evangelism, serving in local churches, and more. You will generally be working 5 days out of the week. There’s one night a week carved out for extended time with the Lord so that you can process and pray over all that you’re learning. There’s time each week to relax with friends or to explore the many fun sites of New England. Our aim is that each day on mission is filled with purpose, service, accountability, and fellowship. This will come in many forms. You’ll be stretched but grateful!

What should I pack?

Here are some ideas on what to pack:

  • Bible, journal/notebook, pen

  • Enough money with you to get you through until you start receiving paychecks from your job. You will need to buy food, and you may want some spending money. (If you are genuinely concerned about affording food before receiving your paycheck, PLEASE reach out to the mission directors who will help you with this!)

  • A guitar or any other musical instrument if you want to help with the worship team.

  • ID's needed for jobs (Some require your original Social Security Card, passport, etc.)

  • Support checks made out to Cru

  • Swimsuit, sandals, beach towel

  • Umbrella and/or rain jacket

  • Pair of athletic shoes, other shoes/sandals

  • Bath towels, set of twin sheets, blanket/comforter

  • Toiletries (You will have an opportunity on the second day to shop for food and other necessities. There's a Walmart, CVS, and several other stores nearby.)

  • Clothes

    • Casual, comfy

    • Jeans and shorts

    • Some dress clothes for church and banquets/celebrations

    • One day’s worth of clothes that you don’t mind getting messy (for a service project).

    • Pajamas

    • Sweats

    • Jacket